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World’s first real-block coding robot
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World’s first real-block coding robot 1 minute to learn robot coding 5 minutes to create a program 21 coding blocks Abundant online courses Slider Image
Make Coding Learning
More Enjoyable
Robopal is not just another robot, but a friend that can help your kids unleash their imagination. Your robot friend can help your kids become the ultimate creator for anything they can imagine, from a plane to a pirate ship, etc.

By using coding blocks, Robopal can run, avoid obstacles, dance, talk and even protect your house against intruders! Robopal is not only your kids’ coding tutor but also a friend who could help turn your kids' imagination into reality!



Infinite ways to play;create your own robot


Say goodbye to touchscreens. Kids can learn through physical objects


Learn programming with real-block building


No programming skills or prior knowledge required, , for kids 4+ year-old

Story Based

Our pioneer situational gaming cards create challenges for you and your robot


Your robot friend has multiple sounds and emotions

Friendly Design

Winner of the Red Dot Award. Designed to be safe and durable

3 Steps
To Run Your Robot

  • 1.Build Your Blocks

  • 2.Connect to Robopal

  • 3.Start the Game

No Screen Needed
Write your code with 13 different types of magnet blocks. Both girls and boys can easily learn coding language and improve their critical thinking and logical skills through game playing.





More Transforms
Create With Your Kids

Different input accessories enable Robopal to execute more commands.Robopal is highly versatile and can be transformed into anything
  • Detachable Shell

  • Compatible with LEGO® brick

  • 8 USB ports compatible with different accessories

Always Here to Laugh with You

With 14 different digital facial expressions and 15 different voices, Robopal can become your kid's best mate.

Explore the world as a SuperHero

Exclusive situational online tutorial videos, combined with game cards stimulate more interesting and challenging levels to play with your robot.
Friendly DesignSafe for Kids
The user-friendly design and non-toxic materials provide a safe environment for kids to enjoy the toy.

  • Safe Durable Material

  • Portable

  • Cute Design

  • Plug and Play

What's Included?

Coding blocks


Infrared Sensor

LED Light

Key Switch


  • Size:Diameter5.69 inch,height4.85inch;
    Weight:about 14.39 oz;
    Play time:6-12 hours
    Sensors:infrared sensor(foresight,downsight)
    Output device: LED (Red/Green), lighting fan
    Material: ABS+TPE


Observe and learn the principle of how things work.


Connect and adjust real-block coding.


Robopal performs the program and accomplishes a mission.

Wonderful Curriculums

According to comprehension of students from kindergarten to primary school, we provide professional curriculum systems for different grades. After learning 18 lessons in every semester, children will understand the work principle or composition of robots, and also accomplish missions by create various programs with Robopal real-coding blocks.

Basic coding teaching: GO!Robopal!

Teach the Robopal to run and turn a corner.

Basic coding teaching: Patrol robot

Command the Robopal to patrol with “repeat block”.

Complex coding teaching: Guard robot

Upgrade the Robopal to be a guard with “if block”.

Complex coding teaching: Tracing robot

Track the thief for missing treasure with “if block”.

Creative coding teaching: Feeding robot

Help Sunny who will be on a business trip make a feeding robot to feed the cat.

Creative coding teaching: Sweeping robot

The cat got the room into a mess. Let’s invent a sweeping robot to clean the floor.

The voices of parents

With the real-blocking coding, which I find very interesting, my son can gradually understand the contents of my work and the operation rule of the world with programming thinking, even solve some problems in life personally.

thumb Qu Chen
A programmer and father

What is very important to children is building the interest of science and technology. With the sense of achievement by making some small works with technical tools, children will go into the world of robot without difficulty in future.

thumb Sunny Lin
Famous investor

Though not every kid dreams to be a programmer after learning program, programming is effective way to train thinking ability, which can help us improve the performance in many professions.

thumb Acan
Senior technical expert

It may be coolest to accompany my child to create lots of interesting things. We enhance parent-child relationship in the enjoyable process of working with each other and learning much of scientific and technological knowledge.

thumb Steven Chow
A programmer、father and maker

Enjoy programming with Robopal coding blocks,develop the ability of creativity、thinking and cooperation.